Bernards Township Police Department (Somerset) Police Officer hiring

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Bernards Township Police Department (Somerset) Police Officer hiring

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The Bernards Township Police Department is accepting resumes and applications for the position of Police Officer. Preference given to (PTC) Police Training Commission certified applicants and applicants who are currently enrolled in a PTC certified NJ Police Academy Alternate Route program will be considered. This is not a waiver eligible process for Class I or Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers.

Posting Date: 2/12/21 until position is filled.

Position: Police Officer (full time)

OPPORTUNITIES OFFERED TO OFFICERS: 11 steps to top salary, 12 hour Pitman schedule, uniform allowance, outer vest carriers, on duty gym time, open range dates, defensive tactics training, Task Force positions with state and county units, educational reimbursement up to master's degree, and additional in service/specialized training.

➢ U.S. Citizen, H.S. Diploma or equivalent. NJ residency required, must possess a valid NJ Driver's License
➢ Basic Police Training Commission certification (PTC) preferred.
➢ Not less than 21 years of age and prior to their 35th birthday at time of appointment.
➢ Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, read, write and speak the English language.
➢ Of good moral character, sound body and good health. Not convicted of any criminal offense involving dishonesty or which would make the person unfit to perform the duties of the office.
➢ Must be able to pass a psychological, physical and oral interview and drug test

PRINCIPAL DUTIES: To serve and protect the community. Patrol assigned section or post. Comply with and maintains all certification guidelines and policies. Prepare self, vehicle and equipment for duty. Perform directed and self-initiated calls for service. Perform directed and self-initiated enforcement of Criminal Laws. Perform directed and self-initiated enforcement of Motor Vehicle Laws Perform directed and self-initiated enforcement of State Statutes.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Ability to regularly work in outside weather conditions exposed to heat, cold, wet or humid conditions. Work rotating shifts. Detain individuals. Stop suspicious individuals and vehicles. Pursue fleeing suspects, in a vehicle or on foot. Disarm persons, restrain or subdue resisting suspects. Effectuate a full physical custody arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints. Conduct visual and audio surveillance. Perform law enforcement and patrol functions, on foot or in a vehicle. Issue summonses, direct traffic, sometimes for long periods of time, using hand signals, flares, barricades, etc. Observe, record, recall and report incidents and information. Fingerprint, photograph and videotape individuals, objects and scenes. Administer field sobriety tests. Control crowds. Mediate disputes and confrontations with hostile and potentially violent individuals. Render first aid to sick or injured persons. Conduct preliminary and follow-up criminal and non-criminal investigations as required. Conduct motor vehicle crash investigations, assist disabled motorists. Identify, report, and work to alleviate hazardous conditions. Identify and locate criminal conduct. Direct traffic. Arrest offenders, process arrestees. Conduct prisoner transports. Conduct Homeland Security checks. Interview victims, witnesses, suspects. Identify, collect, package and submit evidence and property. Take photographs where required. Conduct residential and business security surveys. Gather and disseminate intelligence. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Chief of Police. Perform all police officer functions.

CONTACT: Interested applicants must submit a resume and completed Bernards Township “Application for Employment” ( ... ation/file), hand deliver or mail to Police Headquarters at 1 Collyer Lane, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 or email to the attention of Lt. Michael Sweeney. All resumes will be reviewed and only those applicants chosen to move forward in the hiring process will be contacted.

Bernards Township is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Effective 9/1/11, all employees of State and local government must reside in the State of NJ, unless exempted under law. If you already work for State or local government as of 9/1/11, and you do not live in NJ, you are not required to move to NJ if there is no more than a seven day break in employment. However, if you begin your office, position or employment on 9/1/11 or later, you must reside in NJ. If you do not reside in NJ, you have one year after the date you take your office, position or employment to relocate your residence to NJ. If you do not do so, you are subject to removal from your office, position or employment.
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