Princeton University Patrol Sergeant Opening

Any sworn police officer hiring announcements post here.
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Princeton University Patrol Sergeant Opening

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Patrol Sergeant
Princeton University
Department of Public Safety


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The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the primary department charged with creating a safe and secure environment at Princeton University. DPS operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is comprised of 120 staff members. The department consists of professional university police, non-sworn security officers, dispatchers and administrators dedicated to providing best-in-class service to the community. DPS was awarded Law Enforcement Accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) in July 2015. CALEA serves as the “International Gold Standard for Public Safety Agencies” and oversees a rigorous accreditation process.

DPS sworn University Police Officers have the authority of commissioned police officers with full power of arrest deriving their law enforcement authority from New Jersey statutes (Title 18A, Sections 6-4.2 and 6-4.5) and the Trustees of Princeton University. Title 18A, Section 6-4.5 provides that sworn University Police Officers “shall possess all the powers of policemen and constables in criminal cases and offenses against the law anywhere in the State of New Jersey [including the powers of arrest], pursuant to any limitations as may be imposed by the governing body of the institution which appointed and commissioned the person.”

Sworn officers are required to complete the same police academies and annual training as their municipal counterparts. This training has been approved and authorized by the State of New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice Police Training Commission. Our sworn officers who are unarmed on a daily basis have access to a rifle in two limited situations, an active shooter incident or when there is someone brandishing a firearm on campus. All sworn officers have qualified with a firearm while at the police academy and are required to attend mandatory in-service firearms training throughout the year to enable them to perform more efficiently and more safely. DPS has 39 sworn officers including the director of operations, the patrol captain, 3 lieutenants, 8 sergeants, 6 corporals, 2 detectives, and 18 police officers.

The Department of Public Safety is a 24/7, 365 day operation. The successful candidate must be able to work ALL shifts, including weekends and holidays.

To read the Princeton University Annual Security and Fire Safety Report click here.


The Sergeant is responsible for the supervision of a specific shift as assigned by the Patrol Captain or their designee (e.g. Patrol Lieutenant).

As part of the management team the Sergeant assists in planning, directing, coordinating, staff, and organizing operational resources to accomplish University goals and the department’s mission of Community Caretaking.

The Sergeant:

• Follows, enforces, and reports violations of all University, state and local policies, rules, laws and ordinances through the chain of command by reports, memos and verbal communications.
• Maintains order; prevents crime and makes arrests as needed in order to insure the prompt delivery of professional law enforcement and other services to the campus community (e.g. students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors).
• Responds to incidents within the campus jurisdiction along with officers and assumes control and protects the crime scene as needed.
• Attends and participates in supervisor and command staff meetings
• Represents management’s interests in any dispute resolution or step 1 grievance procedure in collaboration with Patrol Captain,
• Supports and assists in the implementation of community caretaking on campus.
• In accordance with departmental policy, may assume temporary command of operations during emergencies until a higher ranking officer arrives.
• Supervises events and other situations that occur on the assigned shift. This may include such tasks as crowd control, fire safety and ensuring proper security staffing.
• Assigns an officer(s) to respond to, investigate, and follow-up on incidents.
• Reviews and evaluates quality and quantity of work performed.
• Prepares review and corrects criminal incident reports and logs on the assigned shift.
• Insures proper timely documentation, investigation and follow-up of incidents according to professional law enforcement standards.
• Assesses incidents and requests back-up aid from the local police, fire department, and Princeton First Aid and Rescue (PFARS) as necessary according to established protocols
• Carries department issued radio at all times and supervisor’s cell phone when designated the Officer in Charge (OIC) on any given shift.
• While carrying the radio/cell phone provide guidance, assistance and responds to specific situations should the need arise.
• Ensure notifications to the Chain of Command as policy indicates (e.g. Lieutenant, Captain, Director of Operations, and Executive Director) on all personnel matters, any major incidents, etc.
• Performs visual inspections through vehicle, foot and bike patrol; identifies safety, lighting and other hazards in the Department’s patrol areas. Ensures a prompt response and takes corrective action as needed to address health and safety hazards.
• Administers first aid and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to injured people; transports ill/injured people to University Health Services, University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro (UMCPP), Helene Fuld, etc. as needed.
• Works closely with the Communications Center Manager to ensure strong dispatcher-officer collaboration.
• Monitors compliance with Department policies and procedures for incident and alarm response as well as calls for service.
• Responsible for ensuring that arrests and protective custodies are handled properly under the applicable laws; that prisoners are read their rights afforded under State and Federal laws, that all Department and court paperwork is completed in a timely manner; that prisoner injuries are documented in writing and first aid is rendered; that the prisoner is transported to the lockup, hospital or court as needed in a safe manner; that booking is completed including an assessment of suicide risk and that a suicide monitor is in place while the person is under the Department’s control; that a constant suicide monitor is conducted of prisoners; that meals are provided at regular intervals and that bail is offered according to accepted court practice.
• Testifies at court or other hearings on behalf of the Department. Coordinates with Administrative Captain/Lieutenant on court appearances for officers.

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Re: Princeton University Patrol Sergeant Opening

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Why would anyone in their right mind take an unarmed patrol gig? :lol:
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