Probation/Pre-Trial Services hiring process question

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Probation/Pre-Trial Services hiring process question

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Good evening everyone,

I apologize in advanced if I am posting this the wrong section and I know probation officers aren't LEOs in NJ but I'm hoping there is someone who can provide me some insight on the hiring process.

I'm currently a probation officer in another state and I'm trying to relocate to New Jersey (I'm originally from here). Ideally I'd like to work as one in NJ. I was just curious here if anyone here happens to know how long the hiring process normally take for Probation/Pre-Trial officers. The only thing I know is that is that hiring is not done through civil service anymore and the test isn't required. I'd like to get some more insight into the hiring process and if anyone on here has some more information on it I would greatly appreciate it.

I do realize I'm at a huge disadvantage being an out of state applicant (even though relocating would be very easy as I have family in the area) and with COVID that's not making it any easier. However any information that can be provided would be extremely helpful.
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