Age Cutoffs for Benefits

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Age Cutoffs for Benefits

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Hello, I’m applying for the 2019 LEE and interested in NJ DOC & Bergen County Sheriff Department. I’m prior-service and 34 years old. Can someone clarify if I’m tracking the retirement picture accurately, regarding age cutoffs:

PFRS - active-duty military service can be applied towards total credited years, and certain combat time can lower the applicant’s age for hiring purposes.

Agency - military service doesn’t apply to retirement, only time-in-service or actual years on the job.

My concern is working for about 28 or 29 years until forced retirement. In that case I can’t retire or collect benefits from an agency, but keep whatever was earned in PFRS. Am I tracking correctly here? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Age Cutoffs for Benefits

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To be enrolled into PFRS you have to be 35 or younger.

You can purchase your active-duty military time, however just be cautious it could get VERY expensive, sometimes $40,000.00.

With the new Tier 3, you have to work 30 years to get 65%, however you can apply for a special retirement at 25 years and get 60%.

In order to answer your benefits question, that would be case by case. Some departments don't offer benefits upon retirement, and some do. Some require you to work in that department "X" amount of years to be eligible. Unfortunately a lot of departments are NOT offering benefits anymore, at least to the newer officers. Hope this helps.
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